Separate Yourself

The movement isn't just about training with innovation and basketball, the mission is to "separate" yourself from others. You will learn not to just train HARD but to train SMART! Once you separate yourself you will learn methods to enhance yourself as a player with multiple styles of training.

Marcus Hodges

Marcus Hodges is a certified I’m Possible National Innovator and Pro Master Skills Coach as well as a director of I’m Possible’s Raleigh based Certified Training Center locations. Inspired by and working directly with Micah Lancaster, he specializes in foot speed and footwork, stance, agility, core strength, coordination, balance, shooting, and overall athleticism while increasing focus and efficiency of a player’s individual skills.

A.J. Smith

Albert Smith "A.J." has been playing basketball since the age of nine. He also has five years of experience as a basketball trainer for players of all levels. He was a starting guard at Garner High School before playing collegiately at Wake Tech and Shaw University. Since then, he has earned his masters degree in sport psychology and has trained players ranging from intermediate to professional level. A.J. is excited to share his knowledge and passion for the game.